Tip #18 – Keep a gratitude list

I keep a gratitude list (along with recording weight and exercise routines) on my Google Calendar. I wasn’t surprised to read that women who wrote about positive aspects of their values lost weight, while others did.  Just a simple positive, affirming writing exercise resulted in weight loss, even though the women didn’t know that that …

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Tip #5: Measure and record

Measuring and recording builds accountability and helps to track progress.  Some things I measure and record: My weight most days.  I know this is controversial, because weight can fluctuate, and 1-2 lbs/wk is a good, sustainable weight loss.  Faster weight loss cause muscle loss, which is a catastrophe.  Some get frustrated with …

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Tip #7: Join a program if you can

Numerous medically-based, community-based, or commercial weight loss programs (WeightWatchers) have shown better success than when folks “go it alone.”  Increasingly, workplaces have such programs, often with fun contests – some are social gaming-based.  Instead of “Farmville,” how ’bout “ShapeUp?” After all, if folks gain weight together, why can’t we lose it together, as well?