Men: it’s never too late to get fit!

A study of elderly male Veterans showed that better fitness predicted lower death rates. Not only that, if a man INCREASED his fitness during follow-up, good things followed: Unfit individuals who improved their fitness status with serial testing had a 35% lower mortality risk … compared with those who remained …

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Hamstring stretches

Many overweight folks have back problems.  Stretching the hamstrings can help relieve some of the pressure on the back.  Check out the video from Duke University on stretching.

Strong muscles may help reduce belly fat

Half of my workouts (usually total of 4/week:  2 walking or treadmill) are strength or resistance training. Strong muscles seem to protect against accumulation of belly fat.  Another article shows this association. Ladies, strength training is for you, too!  Check out the video from ACE.

Teen Obesity

Unfortunately, most kids’ activity decreases dramatically when they enter adolescence. Even with motivation, losing weight for most teenagers can be difficult. According to a Temple University public health study featured on the Huffington Post, this is because teenagers are not very health conscious (their primary concern is losing weight), or are …

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Gone biking!

Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!  Try to be active, and exercise some restraint at the weekend’s BBQ.  I find it helpful to eat something healthy before arriving at a BBQ – a few nuts 30 min before can really help reduce one’s appetite. See you on Tuesday!

Keep on truckin’… and then some

It’s never too late to start walking!  In post-menopausal women, a new article shows: Conclusion: Our findings suggest that moderate physical activity, including brisk walking, may reduce postmenopausal breast cancer risk and that increases in activity after menopause may be beneficial.