Proper proportions

A glass of water before a meal will help decrease your appetite. Note the proper proportions of food: 1/2 veggies; 1/4 starch (brown rice); 1/4 protein (salmon)

Gone fishin’

Off to the beach til Labor Day… ’til then, we will simply post some meals that have helped me along the way to losing 125 lbs. We’ll be swimming, biking, going to the gym, in between time with family and friends… Enjoy the end of summer!

Salt restriction?

Prepared food (in restaurants and grocery stores) is laden with salt.  I used to have high blood pressure, but as I lost weight, my blood pressure normalized, and I stopped taking medication for hypertension.  I also limited my salt intake – mostly by not eating out, and by using non-salt spices. (Attn:  most “seasonings,” …

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At the supermarket

A few general rules help me at the supermarket: Make a list before you go. Eat before you shop, so that you’re not hungry, and therefore better able to stick to your list. Shop the periphery of the store, where produce and other fresh food tend to be. Avoid the …

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Shopping and cooking are key

I believe it is very difficult to lose weight eating in restaurants or eating prepared food. I am suspicious of “low fat” or “weight loss” foods.  Often, they’re loaded with sugar (which may be worse than fat) and salt.  100 cal packages of cookies – give me a break!  The …

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