Say “NO!” to holiday calories; “YES!” to dropping a pant size! Some tips…

Worried about going up a pant size or two this holiday season? Here are a few tips to make this season healthy and guilt-free: –Stay active, and enjoy this season’s activities with loved ones. Find a buddy you can stay active with/or check in with. –Weight yourself daily: tracking progress is …

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Nothing new…

Jack Lalanne video on sugar (things have only gotten much worse since he recorded it): I remember watching him on TV as a kid… too bad it took me so long to (re)discover his messages.


Michael Prager … talks about his self-published book, “Fat Boy, Thin Man” (2010). “And, after decades of gaining and losing the same 100 pounds, he finally shed his extra weight. It seems the pounds might be gone for good: The 5-foot-10 Prager has weighed about 210 pounds for the past 20 …

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Healthy “Q”?

We can still enjoy the holiday BBQ and eat sensibly. I love the photo below in Marc Bittman’s NY Times column on holiday grilling. Of course, some of the recipes he lists have more salt and oil that I would recommend. Remember, BBQ sauce is basically sugar.


I got a good walk on the lakefront – my usual – 1hr 2 min (damn!  I wanted less than an hour, but was on the phone the first 1/4 of the trip.)  Beautiful, sunny day and lake vistas to lift the spirits! And a little music to relax by:

Save the tatas!

(By the way, gents, what’s good for the tatas is also generally good for the prostate!) A diet high in seafood and veggies is associated with lower breast cancer risk.  That is not true for a meat and starch based diet. Let’s save the tatas!

Why not eat more green veggies?

This article describes a capsule that swells to fill the stomach. Gelesis, a start-up in Boston, is testing a capsule that would be swallowed before meals. The capsule contains particles that swell to hundreds of times their size in the stomach by absorbing water, then eventually shrink and are excreted. …

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