Keep on doing what you’re doing!  Food in Rome normally has more oil than I eat  (I usually have 2 teaspoons olive oil and 1 teaspoon fish oil a day).  So, I made a pit stop at the supermecato…

Supermercato check out

I did NOT eat this!

I actually ate some canned salmon (packed in water; added some mustard) and broccoli (nuked without anything else)  BEFORE going out to dinner.  Then, I ate very judiciously from the pretty but rich (not to them, but to me) food they served.  I had grilled fish and wild asparagus.  I declined the eggplant (an oil sink), and oily zucchini.

Moral of the story:  be prepared!  And don’t be afraid to make requests and/or decline things you shouldn’t have.

Great wild asparagus; oily zucchini

Great wild asparagus; oily zucchini

Gym in Rome

Gym in Rome

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  1. wild asparagus? looks yummy!

  2. Indeed it was… in season now

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