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Press that fat away!

My neck issues limit my ability to do upper body exercises but I don’t let it get in the way. I got Bodylastics Resistance Bands to do some great muscle building exercises without bothering my neck. I use them to do chest presses (see video above) and other muscle building exercises.

Chest presses are a core exercise for building upper body strength which is needed for completing everyday tasks. It helps with burning body fat and improving general posture. And ladies, studies have shown numerous benefits of strength training for women. One of the key benefits is in keeping women from gaining belly fat. There is no scientific evidence that it “bulks.” It’s great for anyone of any age!


Testosterone supports muscle gain, increased libido, and loss of visceral (internal belly fat). Obese men generally have lower levels of testosterone and more erectile dysfunction than men of normal weight.  Men who have low levels of testosterone may have more heart disease. So, these researchers thought it might help elderly community-dwelling men, 65 …

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Aerobic exercise alone isn’t enough!

I strongly believe that food choices are most of the battle.  For exercise, resistance training is key.  See Women’s Health for a total body workout. This recent article in the medical journal Obesity suggests that increased aerobic exercise did not result in weight loss unless people also changed their food …

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Tip #5: Measure and record

Measuring and recording builds accountability and helps to track progress.  Some things I measure and record: My weight most days.  I know this is controversial, because weight can fluctuate, and 1-2 lbs/wk is a good, sustainable weight loss.  Faster weight loss cause muscle loss, which is a catastrophe.  Some get …

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Use or lose it!

I haven’t worked out with the trainer much in the past 3 months, first due to severe neck pain (not related to the workouts), and then extensive travel.  I’ve still been walking brikly and using the treadmill and elliptical while traveling. Boy, today kicked my butt!  In 3 months away, I’d loss ~20% of …

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New drug approved for type 2 diabetes

Most diabetes today is from obesity, liver inflammation, lack of muscle mass, and intake of simple sugars and starches.  In these situations, peopke make insulin, but are resistant to its effects.  Sugar accumulates, and damages blood vessels, producing impotence, blindness, amputations, etc – it’s a devastating disease! Many people with …

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