High blood pressure in U.S. a “neglected disease”; see Reuters article

Hypertension is very common in folks who are overweight or obese. Hypertension must be treated to reduce the chances of heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, impotence, etc. This usually involves medications. The benefits of lowering high BP far exceed the risks of taking meds.

I’ve been lucky to get off of all anti-hypertensive drugs, slowly over the months; weight loss usually reduced blood pressure and/or the need for meds.

Normal BP is less than 120/80!  If you are at, say, 140/90, in most cases, that is not adequate control!  See your doctor.
See chart that reflects blood pressure categories defined by the American Heart Association:

Dr John Ellis MD

Board-certified anesthesiologist, with expertise in cardiovascular anesthesia and the implications of obesity and sleep apnea in anesthesia. See for professional information. Dr. Ellis has used the strategies in here to: (1) lose 120 lbs over 18 months, (2) stop all antihypertensive medicines, and (3) no longer need CPAP treatment for sleep apnea.

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