Ginger may help prevent colon cancer

Ginger has been known to aid digestion, inflammation, etc in Asia, certain parts of Africa, and South America. Detailed scientific research is now being done to fully discover the health benefits of ginger.

WebMD Health News article highlights a study published in the journal of Cancer Prevention Research, which found that ginger may decrease inflammation in the colon, and may consequently be able to prevent colon cancer.

The ginger was able to decrease the level of inflammatory markers in the gut tissue,” compared to the placebo, Zick tells WebMD. “It decreases inflammation. We know that increased inflammation, chronic inflammation in the gut tissue is highly associated with developing precancerous lesions, or cancerous polyps.

The study seems highly promising and more research is being done on this topic. In the meantime, enjoy ginger to spice up food, or drink as juice (as is done in certain parts of West Africa). Ginger is one of the spices I use in my meals; it’s healthy and makes food taste good!  Without salt or added fat.



Dr John Ellis MD

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