Foods to avoid: Alfredo sauce

It’s 2/3 fat calories; see

  • 250 cal/cup; 150 cal fat

Compare to marinara sauce:

  • 150 cal/cup; 60 cal fat

Plus, marinara sauce has olive oil; alfredo has less healthy fats.  High-fat meals may also poison the pancreas, keeping it from producing appropriate amounts of insulin, possibly leading to high blood sugar and diabetes. Olive oil is less likely to do this than animal fats.

Dr John Ellis MD

Board-certified anesthesiologist, with expertise in cardiovascular anesthesia and the implications of obesity and sleep apnea in anesthesia. See for professional information. Dr. Ellis has used the strategies in here to: (1) lose 120 lbs over 18 months, (2) stop all antihypertensive medicines, and (3) no longer need CPAP treatment for sleep apnea.

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