Do you drink “diet” soda to diet? If so, beware!

It is a common misconception that diet soda should be substituted in place of regular soda during a diet but research reports a correlation between use of artificial sweeteners and obesity. Diet soda consumption can lead to cardiovascular disease, according to a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, which is featured in a recent NYTimes article. Soda consumption has also been associated with type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome in past research, but these associations haven’t been fully verified. It is only now that a study has shown a valid association (by controlling some risks) that diet soda consumption is linked to cardiovascular disease.

Even though it is an association, and further research needs to be done, we already know that artificially sweetened drinks (usually with large concentrations of high fructose corn syrup) are bad for us. Diet soda, like all artificial drinks, makes us crave sugar and consequently stray from diets/healthy eating by consuming more sugar and unhealthy foods.

I suggest scrapping artificial drinks/food, as well as sugar from your diet, and opting for something healthy. I drink water and green tea! 🙂

Dr John Ellis MD

Board-certified anesthesiologist, with expertise in cardiovascular anesthesia and the implications of obesity and sleep apnea in anesthesia. See for professional information. Dr. Ellis has used the strategies in here to: (1) lose 120 lbs over 18 months, (2) stop all antihypertensive medicines, and (3) no longer need CPAP treatment for sleep apnea.

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