Changing your lifestyle can change your genes!

Genetics is not destiny.  While it contributes, it actually predicts only about 1/3 of your longevity.

Dr. Dean Ornish is famous for having shown that plant-based diets can REVERSE heart disease.  He and colleagues have now shown that lifestyle modifications can change gene expression for the better in men with prostate cancer.

The lifestyle modification included:

low-fat, whole-foods, plant-based nutrition;

stress management techniques;

moderate exercise;

participation in a psychosocial group support.

Their subsequent studies have shown that this lifestyle modification improves the ability of DNA to repair and protect itself!

Check out Dr. Ornish in this brief (3 min) but powerful TED video.

Dr John Ellis MD

Board-certified anesthesiologist, with expertise in cardiovascular anesthesia and the implications of obesity and sleep apnea in anesthesia. See for professional information. Dr. Ellis has used the strategies in here to: (1) lose 120 lbs over 18 months, (2) stop all antihypertensive medicines, and (3) no longer need CPAP treatment for sleep apnea.

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