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Strong muscles may help reduce belly fat

Half of my workouts (usually total of 4/week:  2 walking or treadmill) are strength or resistance training. Strong muscles seem to protect against accumulation of belly fat.  Another article shows this association. Ladies, strength training is for you, too!  Check out the video from ACE.


I split my exercise roughly 50:50 between resistance (strength) training and aerobic (brisk walking; treadmill; elliptical).  Usually 4 days/week, 2 sessions of each kind of exercise. Another study shows the importance of resistance training (RT) A High-Protein Diet With Resistance Exercise Training Improves Weight Loss and Body Composition in Overweight and Obese Patients With …

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Resistance training = strength training helps build muscles, which burn calories, and increase your metabolic rate.  Particularly for older women, strength training may also help maintain bone mass.  More bone + more muscle may mean fewer falls, and fewer bone fractures. You don’t need weights or even a gym membership.  …

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Training at any age!

Previously sedentary seniors who started a vigorous exercise program for a year (9 of 12 recruited stuck it out for a year) had the following positive changes: more elastic blood vessels increase in heart muscle 20% increase in maximal oxygen consumption The training consisted of the following: …a 1-year training …

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