The benefits of exercising in moderation

Exercise shouldn’t be intimidating. You don’t need to spend 1-2 hrs a day on the treadmill or bench press 300 lbs a day. It should never be “do or die.” In fact, moderate exercise provides the most health benefits. Jogging 2.5 hours a week at a slow pace (10-11 minutes per mile) is...

Bariatric surgery more effective than dieting, exercise???

A recent review, briefly discussed in Bloomberg, finds that weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass is more effective than diet and exercise in treating obesity, and also increases remission rates of type 2 diabetes. Bariatric surgery was an option for me – I certainly qualified (surgery is considered for...

Gents: weight loss can improve “function”

Higher testosterone levels and better erections follow weight loss. A Brazilian study shows that obese men who lost weight due to a lifestyle intervention followed by gastric bypass had those improvements.  What’s not to like? I believe that many of us at times have substituted food for sex and affection.  But too...

Women can and should lift weights

A key part of my weight loss program has been doing resistance training.  This can be floor exercises (where you move your own body weight around), or it can be weight lifting.  Or using resistance bands… This builds muscle, which burns fat 24/7.  Plus, I find it a lot more...

Want to live a longer, healthier, happier life?

Dan Buettner video: How to live to be 100+. Well, not quite, but common elements of long-living societies and people: 1) Move naturally — be active without thinking about it. Identify activities you enjoy and make them a part of your day. * Inconvenience yourself: ditch the remote, the garage door...

Retrain your brain and pancreas...and live better

Dr. Ellis, 56 year old physician, lost 125 lbs over 20 months by altering his diet and adding regular exercise to his regime. He shares his struggles, successes, and medical knowledge here.

Be the tortoise, not the hare!

New Year, New You

Another year! Time now that the holidays are over to focus on health wealth, happiness, … and weight. As I lost weight, I’ve had tremendous improvements in all of those.

My Journey

I lost 125 lbs over 18 months (2008-2010) without surgery. How did I do it?
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