These Foods Heart You…Heart Them Back!

Do you get enough Omega-3? Fish oils may improve brain function

Fish oil may reduce risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity; it also fights inflammation. Some studies have also shown that it improves mood. A...

A nice note from the FB page HowILost100lbs

“Hello! I just wanted you to know you influenced me and guided me so much. I have cut out sugar sodas and salt, steam more,...

A brain is a terrible thing to waste

Obesity affects almost every organ system. Obese elders have smaller brains than thinner folks.  Some of this appears to be genetic (1 gene associated with...

My workout music iTunes mix

Retrain your brain and pancreas...and live better

Dr. Ellis, 56 year old physician, lost 125 lbs over 20 months by altering his diet and adding regular exercise to his regime. He shares his struggles, successes, and medical knowledge.

Be the tortoise, not the hare!
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