Happy Thanksgiving!

Recipes from the Mayo Clinic: The following healthy Thanksgiving recipes have all of the taste, but less fat, calories and sodium. So serve up a...


COOKED PORK; much of the fat has cooked off

Who cycles routinely for transportation?

In Chicago, we’re fortunate to have 36 miles of lakefront path with minimal need to cross auto traffic.  This is good for recreation. However, riding the streets...

Most of us don’t get enough sleep

Many believe sleep to be a waste of time, but inadequate sleep is likely a big contributor to obesity.  It helps us craze unhealthy foods....


Most salad bars are not your friend.  Lettuce is not particularly filling or nutritious.  Most people can’t eat enough raw broccoli to get full…  I usually...

Retrain your brain and pancreas...and live better

Dr. Ellis, 56 year old physician, lost 125 lbs over 20 months by altering his diet and adding regular exercise to his regime. He shares his struggles, successes, and medical knowledge.

Be the tortoise, not the hare!
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