How I lost 5 lbs in the past month

It took me 18 months to lose 120 lbs.  Since then, I’ve been as low as 196 lbs (briefly), and generally around 202-205.  (I weigh...


I love sushi.  Many fish have good omega3 fatty acids in them.  Beware of the salt in soy sauce, though… Alas, American fast food manages...

Tip #8: Triple vegetable intake, but beware the salad bar

I eat 1/2 -1 lbs of green veggies at each lunch and dinner.  There’s no way a plate of lettuce weighs that much.  I almost...


“When you look at the results in the National Weight Control Registry,” Braun says, “you see over and over that exercise is one constant among...


A study published today in the British Medical Journal surveyed older people.  They found that those in better health enjoyed more sex and were more...

Retrain your brain and pancreas...and live better

Dr. Ellis, 56 year old physician, lost 125 lbs over 20 months by altering his diet and adding regular exercise to his regime. He shares his struggles, successes, and medical knowledge here.

Be the tortoise, not the hare!

Feature in Prevention Magazine

Feature in Prevention Magazine
My weight loss success story is featured in the July issue of Prevention Magazine, check it out! "Six years ago, I was pushing 340 pounds, and everything—my body, my job, my love of travel—was crumbling beneath the weight. There I was, a doctor, constantly reading about and lecturing on obesity and its negative effects on patient outcomes, yet..."

My Journey

My Journey
I lost 125 lbs over 18 months (2008-2010) without surgery. How did I do it?
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